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M/V Evin Dupre Scores a Perfect Zero on Their Kirby Safety/Quality Audit!

We (shore side folks) got the group text yesterday we love to see from our Port Captain Darren Istre, that one of our vessels scored a Zero on an audit or Clean audit...all which means they received a perfect score; zero discrepancies found on their audit!  Dupre Marine is fully compliant in all areas of safety with our vessels and crews, adding Sub Chapter M and TMSA 3 to that list already this year, however scrupulous auditors conduct these various examinations of vessels to ensure every single detail is observed and nothing overlooked by the Captains and crews. Dupre Marine is a culture of safety and that is evident and proven!

Yesterday was just another of those days regarding the M/V Evin Dupre, Captain Woody (Robert) Stracner and his crew received their perfect score on their Kirby Safety/Quality Audit (aka Tunks audit).  Capt Woody requires he and his crew maintain the absolute best every day on their vessel in all aspects of ultimate safety, customer satisfaction and outstanding overall performance.  This was just another day on the water for this crew, but they definitely deserve full congratulations!