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Our New Vessel Launched on August 29th!!

Have you ever kept a secret? A really big secret?

On August 29, 2018 Dupre Marine launched the M/V Jerry Porche to it’s seaworthy state in this bayou and it was a success! About 30 of us were there from Dupre Marine, some family, associates and the builders of the vessel at Intracoastal Ironworks in Bourg, LA. And the one person not present was the namesake of the vessel, Mr. Jerry Porche, Alva Dupre’s father (Alva is Rory’s wife for those who don’t know). This vessel naming is a gift to her dad and we have been keeping it a secret this whole time. In fact, writing this blog post is a few days after the boat Christening! So the lauch was a wonderful success, she is a beautiful vessel. And since the secret is out, Mr. Jerry was so surprised, I’m not sure if it matters he missed the launching of his boat.

Enjoy the fun compilation video of the launch. It surely is an awesome vessel and addition to our Dupre Marine fleet!

Denise Morencie