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January 2019 Kicked Off DMT's Safety Topic of the Month: PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the first and foremost way to prevent individual injuries , health issues, safety risks and possibly death. All towboaters are supplied with and are required to wear and utilize the proper PPE for any job performed on the vessel.

The basics (but not limited to) of proper PPE’s for the jobs performed of crew members:
⚠️ flotation devices
⚠️ respiratory safety
⚠️ eye safety
⚠️ hearing protection
⚠️ hand/foot limb safety
⚠️ body/skin protection

PPE will assist in:
✅ Promoting a safe work place
✅ Striving for Zero injuries and illnesses
✅ Recognizing conditions that may pose a safety threat by correctly using and wearing your PPE

PPE must be considered a part of our daily operation for every crew member

•        All PPE should be cleaned, maintained, inspected, and properly stored after each use

•        Damage to personal protective equipment should be reported and replaced if necessary

•        PPE should fit, be worn correctly, and used as it is intended, report if it does not fit or meet your personal requirements

•        Crew members are personally responsible and will be held accountable for wearing the approved PPE, at the appropriate times and at the appropriate time

We kicked off Dupre Marine’s Safety Topic of the Month, not only to emphasize safety on the vessels, but also via our social media platforms to make note of how important all aspects of safety are onboard and in our day to day lives; keeping all of you safe while you are working, so you can go home safely after your hitch.

Many of our crew members participated with photos and scenarios, keeping all of you engaged, as well as our followers online. You can see many of them on our Instagram or our Facebook pages.

In case you missed it, here are just a few examples from our crews:

Dupre Marine Transportation is a Culture of Safety

Our emphasis and demands on safety are not only to keep our crew members safe from injuries, health issues or fatalities, but an intent to get each person home to their family and friends safely! 

Wear it right, use it right! Safety first!

Denise Morencie