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Dupre Marine Receives 5 NO HARM Kirby Inland Marine Awards

Last night, February 19, 2019, Rory, Jaimen, and Calvin attended the Kirby No Harm Awards Banquet and Dupre Marine was represented well receiving 5 awards! There were two companies that received more awards than DMT, but both of those companies have 20+ boats working for Kirby Inland Marine.  We have made it clear that we want to be the best and if we can continue to improve, maintain our focus, and all work towards that goal, we will be the best! There is no reason that our entire fleet can’t achieve what the vessels below have proven is possible… Incident free takes a team effort. Everyone on shore and everyone on the vessels are working towards and passionate about acheiveing that goal!

Congratulations to the crews of the vessels below on going 2018 incident free.

 MV Kathleen Dupre – Top 5 Performer

MV Kathleen Dupre- No Harm

MV Alva Dupre- No Harm (2 years)

MV Evin Dupre- No Harm (4 years)

MV Megan E. Dupre -No Harm

Denise Morencie